High Street No. 32

D10.3  No.32 High Street (Orchard House).

This was originally the house and part of the property known as ‘Giles’ in the early 18th century (see D10.1). In c1751 records show that the house was occupied by Edward Hoare, a farmer of Worthing. Between c1757 and 1785 the occupant was William Langley.

Giles’ house, outlined in pink and later numbered 32 High Street,

and its property boundaries, outlined in green, in c1780.

By circa 1785 the house was acquired by John Bacon, a fisherman of Worthing, and after his death in 1826 it was left to his widow, Jane Bacon who, according to Edward Snewin in his book ‘Glimpses of Old Worthing’, was known locally as ‘Aunt Jenny’.

She died on 25th March 1829 and between circa 1838 and 1851 it was owned and occupied by Charles Hide, an architect, builder, surveyor and auctioneer. It appears likely that during this period the old house was rebuilt and/or modified. By 1852 it was known as ‘Worthing Cottage’ (see map below).    

Part of the 1852OS map showing No. 32 High Street, outlined in pink and

at that date known as ‘Worthing Cottage’. The boundaries of the property

were identical to those shown on the c1780 map and are outlined in green.

In 1893 the house became a boys’ school kept by Mr Lewis W. Head, which later moved to Byron Road. From circa 1888 the house was known as ‘Charlecote’. After 1905, when the Fire Station had replaced the old Warwick Hall, part of Giles’ old orchard was acquired and added to the property. By 1918 the house was the headquarters of the Girls’Friendly Society and it remained as such until its demolition in 1969.

The 1932OS map shows ‘Charlecote Road’ between the Fire Station and No.40 High Street. The name of the road was probably taken from the earlier name of the house.   

OS maps from 1932 show the building had been extended at the eastern end and postcards of the period show the property was named ‘The Orchard House’, no doubt influenced by the addition of part of the original old orchard (see photograph below).

No. 32 High Street. [The postcard is not dated but is probably from the 1930s].

An internal view of No.32 showing the Common Room of the

Girls Friendly Society, probably from the 1930s.

The photograph below, taken in 1969, shows a further eastern extension had been made to the property.

No.32 High Street being demolished on 16th September 1969.

Occupants List.

C1751         Edward Hoare – farmer

1757 – 1785 William Langley

c1785 – 1826 John Bacon – fisherman

1838 – 1851 Charles Hide – architect, builder, surveyor and auctioneer.

1861           Elizabeth Rendall – servant

1862           Mary Allen

1866           Maria Winslow

1870 – 1878 Charles Hide jnr.

1879           Empty

1880 – 1887 Charled Hide – builder, house agent

1888 – 1890 Rev E.J.Venning -  Charlecote

1891 – 1892 Empty

1893 – 1902 Lewis W.Head – tutor Charlecote

1904 – 1906 Alfred C.Reed

1908 – 1912 Col. F.C.Farmer

1913 – 1915 ?

1916 – 1917 E.A.Williamson – Church Army Home for Girls

1918 – 1928 Miss Wood (superintendent) – Girls Friendly Society

1929 – 1933 Miss Miles – Girls Friendly Society

1934 – 1935 Miss Wood – Girls Friendly Society

1936 – 1937 Miss Winchcombe – Girls Friendly Society

1938 – 1953 Miss W.Slater – Girls Friendly Society

1956 – 1960 Miss Margetson – Girls Friendly Society

1962 – 1969 Girls Friendly Society - Club and Hostel.



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