High Street Area D8

Area D8  No. 48 High Street & Scout Hall.

This area originally contained a farmstead of Broadwater manor which was owned by John Stempe, husbandman of Worthing, until his death in 1624 when it was inherited by his only daughter Mary Stempe who married John Monke of Worthing. The property was then described as ‘A messuage or tenement and Barne and 18 acres of land, arable, meadow and pasture lying in the several parishes of Worthing and Heene’ and after Mary’s death in 1646 it passed to her son Thomas Monke.

In 1668 Thomas Monke sold the property to John Sherwood, a blacksmith of West Grinstead, for £216 -17s -3d when it was occupied by Thomas King. It was not unusual at this period to find owners outside the parish not occupying their properties. Up until 1716 the farm was in the possession of John Sherwood and was referred to as ‘Sherwood’s Farm’ as late as 1792, even though the executors of John Sherwood had sold the property to William Hersee of Lancing in 1723 for £240. In 1735 Nicholas Roberts, a mariner of Brighthelmstone (Brighton), purchased the property from Charles Hersee of Lancing, son of William Hersee. By 1852 the property was being farmed by Edward Hoare of Worthing. Elizabeth Brapple, spinster of Brighthelmstone, was named in the will of Nicholas Roberts and by 1762 she held the property. Thirty years later in 1792 she conveyed it to John Newland for £900. In 1805 John Newland prepared a claim for the impending ‘Inclosure Act’ concerning his lands belonging to the farm, then known as ‘Brapples’ (named after the previous owner). The land amounted to a total of seven and a half acres.

The house appears to have been let to various tenants until circa 1818 after which no further information has been found. The house was pulled down in 1822 and it appears likely that the building shown on Phillip’s 1814 map of Worthing (outlined in pink on the map below) is the house. The only other information known about the house is that contained in John Stempe’s probate inventory of 1624. This reveals that the rooms in the early house were described as one lower-chamber, the hall, milkhouse and kitchen on the ground floor and above these were the ‘2 Bed Chamber’ and the ‘Easte lofte’.

Part of Phillips’ 1814 map showing ‘Brapples/Sherwood’s

Farmstead’ outlined in green and the old farm-house in pink.    

Later in 1821 the census describes the property simply as land owned by Mrs Newland of Tortington. The 1838 Hide Survey shows land and part of the stables occupied by William Tribe. These are clearly shown on the 1852OS map (see below).

Part of the 1852OS map showing the stables (outlined in pink)

which were the remains of ‘Brapples/Sherwood’s’ old farmstead.

[Reference to the above text:- Worthing – From Saxon Settlement To Seaside Town, Ronald Kerridge and Michael Standing, 2000, p.60].

No further development took place on this site until the 1920s when two buildings were constructed (see below).

No.48 High Street.

No. 48 High Street, which still survives today.

The photograph as taken in October 1987.

This building was constructed by 1925 after which local Directories record occupants. According to the Directories and existing photographs, the building appears to have two sections, each with its own occupants.

Occupants list.

1925 – 1966 Loaders Photographic Stores

1939           Frank Sandell & Sons Ltd.

1970 – 1972 Unitrend Ltd. – double glazing co.

1970 – 1972 Southern Seals & Gaskets Ltd.

1973 – 1974 A.Downing – antique dealer

1975           M.M.Soutar – antique dealer

[Building still in use at present].

Scout Hall (no number given).

This building was constructed and in use by 1923. It was built as a hall for use by the Scouting Association.

Occupants list.

Between 1923 and 1949 the hall was the ‘Worthing Boy Scouts Association Head Quarters’ (WBSAHQ used in the list below) and the individual names recorded in the local Directories appear to be those of the Honorary Secretaries for the Association. The list below show the names followed by a contraction of the Associations title.

1923 – 1937 W.L.Strange – WBSAHQ

1938 – 1939 L.Derrick – WBSAHQ

1940            E.H.Canham – WBSAHQ

1946 – 1949 S.T.Burn – WBSAHQ

1953 – 1975 1st Worthing Boy Scouts

1946 – 1949 Air Scouts & Cubs – 12th Worthing Group

1946 – 1949 Air Scouts & Cubs – 11th Worthing Group

1956 – 1960 Miss P.Noakes (Hon Sec) – Girls Nautical Training Corps (Redpole).

[The building is still in use today].