High Street Area D7

High Street Area D7.

Nos. 78 – 58 High Street.

Between 1949 and the 1980s all the properties in this area were gradually demolished and the site was eventually cleared in 1986 in preparation for the building of Safeway’s Supermarket. Some of the last properties to be demolished were Searles Garage and No. 72 High Street.

A view from High Street in March 1986 looking towards Lyndhurst Road after

the demolition of St.George’s School and other buildings in High Street. The

photograph shows the cleared site for the proposed new Safeway’s Supermarket.

A view taken in May 1987 from High Street looking towards the Anchor

Inn showing building work on Safeway’s Supermarket was well under way.

A similar view to that above but taken in October 1987 showing

 the building nearly complete.

A later photograph showing Safeway’s Supermarket fully operational

with the car in the centre proceeding through to the car park.

In recent years the Supermarket has become a Waitrose.





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