High Street Area D6

High Street Area D6.

D6.1  No.80 High Street – [Anchor Inn / Jack Horner / The Stage].

According to Edward Snewin in his book Glimpses of Old Worthing [1945, p.147] the Anchor Inn was Worthing’s oldest inn. The origin of the name is unclear, although it is possible that it refers to one acre of land which was said could be purchased in the 18th century for ‘half an anchor [anker?] or five gallons of brandy’  [Picture of Worthing, John Evans, 1805, p11]. Lyndhurst Road, which leads eastwards from the Anchor Inn, was originally known as ‘Anchor Lane’ up until the 1870s.

It is interesting to note that the property was originally held by the manor of ‘North Lancing & Monks, South Lancing & Lyons’. The Court Rolls for that manor reveal that in 1804 it was a copyhold property and described as ‘one cottage and one acre of land’ and occupied by John Marley of Worthing, a victualler. On 5th July 1806 the property was surrendered Marley to his youngest son George Marley of Worthing. It is not recorded when the property first became the Anchor Inn, but Mackoull in his Sketch of Worthing and its Environs in 1811 records it by name when [George] Marley was the occupant. On 14th March 1826 George Marley (then described as the Innkeeper) surrendered the property to Richard Tamplin. The Rate Books for Worthing record a Richard Tamplin as owner of the property until at least 1851.

It has also been recorded that the inn once provided an area for archery and a bowling green (probably during the first half of the 19th century.

Part of the 1852OS map showing the original Anchor Inn

(outlined in pink) and its property boundaries (out-lined in green).

By 1852 it appears that the archery and bowling green areas have gone and a ‘Racquet and fives Court’ and a Smithy are in the grounds. No photographs or engravings have yet been found of the inn shown on this map. The inn was rebuilt in circa 1895 and its size and shape were those depicted in all the later maps. The 1898OS and later maps show houses had replaced the Court and Smithy and the inn’s boundaries were much reduced (see map at start of this article).

The Anchor Inn in a photograph taken in May 1956.

In 1988 the inn was re-furbished and its name changed to the ‘Jack Horner’ (see photograph below).

The name of the inn has recently been changed to ‘The Stage’ by the present publican.

Occupants / publicans list.

?      -  1804 John Marley – victualler

1806 – 1826 George Marley –victualler

1828           George White

1836 – 1838 Hugh Bawcomb

1841           James Carter

1846           Thomas Puttick

1850 – 1851 Francis Bushby

1861 – 1882 William Cager

1883 – 1894 William Norris

1895 – 1898 Mr G.Mayhew

1899 – 1903 Joseph Moore

1904 – 1914 Mrs Maria Moore

1915 – 1933 Albert J.Gordon

1934 – 1956 Albert V.G.Gordon

1957 – 1958 Ernest Rofe

1959 – 1975 ?