High Street No. 3

D5.2 No. 3 High Street (originally No. 2 The Colonnade).

Part of 1852OS map showing No.3 High Street.

In 1821 this part of the Colonnade was described as a lodging house owned by a Mr Isaac Cooper of London. Rate books confirm that he had been the owner from at least 1818 until his death in circa 1826. For the next two years the property was in the hands of his executors and the Hide Survey of 1838 reveals the owner/occupier was Deborah Boyce. By 1846 the property was owned and occupied by Richard Tompkins and then descended through his relatives until circa 1881. By 1888 the property became a Day and Boarding School run by a Miss Dorey and it was in that year that the disastrous fire started in No.3 High Street. During the fire three terrified females in their nightdresses were rescued from their balcony by Police Sergeant Byrne who was on duty at the time. The fire started around 2am and by 2-45am No.3 was a complete mass of fire and the roof then fell in. By 4am No.3 was completely destroyed with additional damage occurring to other parts of the Colonnade.

No.3 High Street completely gutted after the fire of 1888

Although the Colonnade was rebuilt after the fire, Nos.1, 5, and 7 High Street were re-occupied within two or three years but no occupants are recorded in local Directories for No.3 until 1949. This was after another rebuild and modernisation in 1936.

Owners/occupants list.

1802 - ?       Edward Ogle

1818 – 1826 Isaac Cooper

1826 – 1828 William Henry Cooper

1838 – 1841 Deborah Boyce

1846           Richard Tompkins

1850 – 1851 Captain Newland Richard Tompkins

1856 – 1862 Kate Tompkins

1861           Ellen Coast – widow

1866           Devisees of Kate Tompkins

1866 – 1872 Henry Tompkins

1874 – 1880 Empty

1881           Elizabeth Tompkins (Elizabeth in census – Emily in rate book?)

1888           Miss Dorey – Day and Boarding School

1888           [Fire gutted building and no further occupants shown until 1940]

1940           Modern Decorators

1949 – 1958 Grosvenor Portraits

1962 – 1975 Vincent H.Jackson – solicitors.

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