High Street No. 9

D4.5  No. 9 High Street.

Part of 1852OS map showing No. 9 High Street out-lined in pink.

On 2nd September 1808 Edward Ogle sold a piece of his land measuring 21 feet north to south and 48 feet east to west for £230 to John Shearsmith of Worthing, surgeon, who had a house built on it. Dr. Shearsmith had two entrances to his house in Ann Street, one of which was the entrance to his surgery. Edwin Snewin in his book Glimpses of Old Worthing (p.130) suggests that despite being a very clever doctor, Dr. Shearsmith was not very successful when handling his finances and it may well be for this reason that he sold his house just over a year later on 1st November 1809 to James Penfold of Goring, yeoman.

Unfortunately James Penfold was also equally unsuccessful in handling his financial affairs, for by 1819 he was bankrupt. Of necessity he sold his house to Henry Budd Esq. who, one month later, sold it to a Mr Joseph Dickenson Crosskey of London. By 1821 the building was described as a lodging house.

By 1841 the premises were occupied by William Potter, as a grocer’s shop and he purchased the building 2nd January 1849. He was laying the foundation of something bigger than he knew for it later became Potter and Steele, then Potter and Bailey and finally the very successful Potter, Bailey & Co. This was later registered as a private company. [A Link with the Past – Potter Bailey & Co. Ltd., pp.4 and 5 – Worthing Reference Library].

William Potter – the founder of Potter, Bailey & Co.Ltd.

The staff of Potter, Bailey & Co. assembled outside their shop, No. 9 High

Street in circa 1892.

By 1932 when Potter, Bailey & Co. Ltd issued their ‘Guide to Christmas Shopping’ (see below) they had seven local branches (which included one at South Lancing), plus an ironmongery and hardware store (1 Crescent Road) and a wholesale warehouse and offices in Ann Street.

Owners/Occupants List.

1804 – 1808 Edward Ogle – land only

1808 – 1809 Dr. John Shearsmith – surgeon [house built on land]

1809 – 1819 James Penfold

1819           Henry Budd Esq.

1819 – 1822? Joseph Dickenson Crosskey – building described as a lodging                   house

1838           ?

1841 – 1871 William Potter - grocer

1872 – 1890 Potter and Steele – grocers

1881           James S.Cooper – grocer’s assistant

1891           Elizabeth Bennett - cook/domestic servant

1891 – 1962 Potter and Bailey, then Potter , Bailey & Co (Ltd.)

On 8th October 1962 the premises were sold to Worthing Corporation and later demolished for the Guildbourne Centre.

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