High Street No. 15

D4.2  No. 15 High Street.

Part of 1852OS map showing No. 15 High Street out-lined in pink.

A piece of Mole Soals was conveyed to James Penfold by Edward Ogle in 1808 for £40. For many years this land was described as ‘a piece of building land’ measuring 16 feet 6 inches north to south and 48 feet east to west with a passage way 13 feet wide at the southern end leading to Ann Street.

In September 1842 Messrs Charles Hide and William Patching, builders, purchased the land and erected a warehouse on the site. Two years later in August 1844 they sold the land and warehouse to William Potter who occupied it until 1881. Potter Baileys then occupied it until c1964. It was purchased by Worthing Corporation and demolished to make way for the Guildbourne Centre.


1804 – 1808 Edward Ogle- part of kitchen garden

1808 – 1812 James Penfold – land only

1812 – 1820 William Wilkins – land only

1821 – 1832 William Whitter – land only

1832 – 1842 Edward Grimstone – land only

1842 – 1844 Charles Hide and William Patching – warehouse built by 1844

1844 – 1881 William Potter

1884 – 1964 Potter, Bailey & Co.

Property purchased on 8th October 1962 by Worthing Corporation and later demolished to make way for the Guildbourne Centre.