High Street No. 29

D3.1 No.29 High Street.

In 1790 this site was a freehold piece of land of 3 roods (0.75 of an acre) belonging to Richard Newland formally of Worthing, but then of Tortington. On 13th July 1790 Richard Newland sold the land for £100 to Ambrose Cartwright of Worthing, a carpenter/builder, who erected a house on the site and on 2nd December 1791 re-sold the premises back to Richard Newland for £700.

Mrs Amy Newland, widow inherited the property after her husband’s death and she died on 2nd April 1825. Her executors John Boniface and William Newland conveyed the property to George Edmunds of West Tarring, merchant on 22nd December 1827. An inventory and valuation of the fixtures of the property dated 4th December 1827 records the following rooms:- Garret, north-west bedroom, north-east bedroom, long room, west bedroom, drawing room, south-east room, sitting room, dining room, parlour, back parlour, pantry, passage and kitchen.

Part of 1852 OS map showing the boundaries of the ancient freehold enclosure containing No.29 High Street (outlined in green) and the house (outlined in pink).

On 1st May 1869 the property was conveyed to Mr. Frederick Patching for £500 by Richard Edmunds, the surviving devisee named in the will of George Edmunds the elder, deceased. The property then descended in the Patching family until 19th December 1896 when Mr. F.W.Patching and others conveyed it to H.A.Spain Esquire for £600.

The house was named ‘Vainona’ in a conveyance of 1892, but in a mortgage of 1905 was recorded as ‘Imrie’, a name which survived until its demolition in 1969 (see photograph below).

No. 29 High Street during demolition on 30th December 1969.

The name ‘Imrie’ is above the door.  

Side view of No. 29 High Street (at the junction of High Street and

Chatsworth Road) on 30th December 1969 during demolition.

Occupants List.  

1790 – 1791 Ambrose Cartwright – builder

1818           Amy Newland

1819 – 1821 Summerton Bennett

1822           Mark Markwick

1826 – 1836 George Edmunds

1838 – 1866 Mrs Elizabeth Edmunds

1871 – 1884 Catherine Cholmeley

1885 – 1891 Misses Cholmeley

1892 – 1895 Miss Cholmeley

1896 – 1897  Empty     [Vainona]

1898 – 1904 Charles Amoore

1900 – 1904 F.Osborne – bootmaker

1898 – 1904 Worthing & District Bill-Posting Co. Ltd.

1905 – 1915 J.H.Lelliott – builder

1916 – 1925 H.C.Lelliott – builder

1926           Mrs S.Lelliott ?

1927 – 1934 H.C.Lelliott – builder

1935 – 1949 Harry Marsland

1951           Mrs Marsland

1956 – 1960 John R.Atwell.