High Street Nos. 37-41

D2.2 Nos.41 and 37 High Street.

This site was originally part of an ancient property held of Cokeham manor and described as ‘a farmyard with stabling, barns and cowstalls, belonging to Mr. George Newland’ [Glimpses of Old Worthing , Edward Snewin and Henfry Smail, 1945, p142]. By the end of the 19th century the site had been divided into two parts, north and south.

No. 41 was on the northern part which was sold to William Tribe by George Newland. In 1917 it was conveyed to James William Edger Osbourne of Worthing, a carrier and coal merchant and later in 1934 sold by Osbourne to George William Leal of Worthing, dairyman. On 3rd June 1960 the front part of the property, 60 feet wide from High Street, was sold to Worthing Borough Council who later also demolished the property on the site.

Occupants List for No.41.

1876           James Osbourne- yard

1900 – 1934 Osbourne and Co. – removal contractor

1924 – 1935 William Walter Howard – cabinet maker

1930 – 1932 A.V.Nicholson – vetinary surgeon

1933 – 1935 The Misses Hodgins – canine & feline surgery

1936 – 1940 Misses K. & R. Hodgins – Speedwell Kennels

1935 – 1940 Leal & Son Creamery

1935 – 1940 Sutton & Co.Ltd. – general and foreign carriers

1949 – 1953 Leal’s Creamery Ltd.

1949           C.W.Roberts – radio engineer

1956 – 1970 K.N.Rudd (Engineers Ltd.) – motor agents

Rudd’s during demolition in November 1971.


1953  E.Stanton – antique dealer.


On the southern end of the property was a barn which originally projected across the pavement into the street and bill-posters used to post their bills on it until the Worthing Commissioners prevailed upon Mr. Newland to set it back in line with the other property. It was then used as a corn store (No.37) [Glimpses of Old Worthing, Edward Snewin and Henfrey Smail, 1945. p142]. The corn store was inherited in 1863 by Robert Newland, son of George Newland. William Barker, corn merchant, acquired the business (including the two Navarino Mills) from Robert Newland in 1887 when the property was described as ‘All that freehold piece of land or ground with the corn store, stable, buildings, heriditaments and premises now erected……’ .

The next occupiers were Prince & Sons, corn merchants who were apparently leaseholders.  


The corn store (No.37) in the 1930s.

On 21st June 1929 Mrs Elizabeth Barker (trustee) conveyed the property to the Brighton Equitable Co-operative Society (BECS) Ltd. for £4,150. On 16th June BECS sold the property for £5,500 to Worthing Borough Council who later demolished it for road widening.

A photograph taken from High Street just prior to the demolition of

Nos. 37 – 33 High Street. The corn store (No.37) is in the centre.

A similar photograph to the one above, but after demolition of Nos.37 – 33

High Street. A car park is on the site of the buildings.  

Occupants List for No.37 – Corn Stores.

1850 – 1862 George Newland

1863 – 1887 Robert Newland – corn merchant

1888 – 1913 William Barker – corn merchant

1914 – 1938 Prince & Sons – corn merchants

1939 – 1958(?)BECS Ltd. – No further entries are recorded in Worthing Directories after 1938 but the 1954 OS map records a Bakery Depot on the site (presumerably belonging to BECS Ltd).

The 1821 census records three tenements in George Newland’s yard, one described as a house and the other two as cottages, all occupied by poor tenants. Only one cottage still survived by 1838 when the Hide Survey and map was produced, occupied by Charles Sayers who is also recorded in a cottage in the 1821 census. It appears likely that the cottage may have been two properties in 1821 but with only one family residing there by 1838 (the Sayers). The site of the 1821 house has not been found and may have been demolished by 1838.

The cottage(s) (shown outlined in green on the 1852 OS map below) was occupied by Charles Sayers and located near the west end of the corn stores and parallel to High Street. The corn store is shown outlined in pink.

Part of the 1852 OS map showing the site of the corn store

(No.37) outlined in pink and the cottage(s) outlined in green.

Occupants List for cottage.

1821 – 1841 Charles Sayers

1846           Empty

1862           George Newland

1875 OS map No cottage shown.