High Street Area D4

High Street Area D4

Nos. 19 – 9 High Street were all built on the eastern end of two adjoining old enclosures called Long’s Garden and Mole Soals (the origin of which name is not readily apparent). Mole Soals enclosure was one and a quarter acres in extent and its boundaries were Worthing Street (later High Street) on the east and Chapel Road (by c1810) on the west, with Long’s Garden on the north and another old enclosure on the south. Later Market Street was formed on the north of Long’s Garden and Ann Street (named after Edward Ogle’s wife) on the south of Mole Soal’s.

Long’s Garden was formerly a field owned by Mr. (James?) Lloyd of Lancing which was purchased prior to 1810 by Luke Long, a market gardener of Worthing, hence its name. The ownership of Mole Soals can be traced back to at least 1672 when it was held by Mary Austin of Sompting, having been formerly part of the lands held by John Swift of Worthing. The descent of this parcel of land can be traced through a number of transactions until 1780 when it passed to John Luther (who built Warwick House on land he had acquired, immediately opposite, on the eastern side of Worthing Street). By 1789 it had been sold to the Earl of Warwick, who in 1804 sold it to Edward Ogle when it was described as an enclosed kitchen garden in the occupation of Edward Ogle on which had been built a granary and stables, the exact locations of which are not known.

From around 1809 a number of plots of land on these enclosures were marked out for building purposes and sold to various individuals. The plots fronting Worthing Street later became Nos. 19 – 9 High Street while others became part of Ann Street or Market Street.

All the properties were eventually demolished to make way for the Guildbourne Centre in the late 1960s.

Nos. 19 -9 High Street.


This photograph is dated 1963 and illustrates (right to left) Nos.19 – 9 High

Street six years prior to their demolition for the Guildbourne Centre.

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